December Newsletter 2010

Recent Events

On the 31st of October we had our Halloween Golf Day and Ball with The Number 1

Michael Jackson Tribute Act as our entertainment. The show was a tremendous success and everybody commented on how professional he was. The evening was completed with the Mike Rowley Disco and Lightshow. We raised about £1,500 on the night and together with the very kind donations from those who could not make it we made a total of £2,100. This money has gone to the Community Centre to pay the Builder who has now completed the Health Post and we bought a steriliser for the clinic. Carolyn Heaps kindly located and donated a Otto-scope, and the Rwandan Holiday Adventurers gave us the much needed centrifuge for the Lab.

Our Visit November 2010

We took 13 UK Adventurers to Rwanda for a holiday of a lifetime and to open the Health Post. Without exception they all agreed that Rwanda is a safe and beautiful country. The double highlights of the visit were “The Gorillas in the Mist” on the shrouded Virunga mountains a day spent at Musenyi meeting all the villagers and children, who have benefited from their help followed by the grand opening of the Health Post. We also went on Safari to Akegera National Park, took a trip on Lake Kivu and other trips to The Culture Village, Handicraft Centre and the Genocide Museum.

Future Plans

At the moment although our plans are to build a brick house as a model, we must make sure that we raise enough money to pay the staff £800 a month until our next fundraising event in April/May 2011. This sum will decrease over the next 15 months as the Community becomes self sufficient. However this can only happen if the Clinic/Pharmacy helps to subsidise the Centre. The only way that this can happen is the Clinic needs to increase its stock to meet the demand of the 10,000 villagers from the immediate areas together with the 1000 soldiers from the nearby Infantry Training Camp. In the month of October the Clinic treated over 650 patients and this is only a fraction that needs our help. Listed below are the most important items we need for the Clinic and the costs. If you can help us financially or you have some of the items please contact us as soon as possible.

  1. Pharmacy Stock £3500
  2. Haemoglobin Machine £500
  3. 1200 Sample Bottles for urine and Stool £25
  4. 300 Pregnancy Tests £75
  5. 2 Bottles of Emmersion Oil £70
  6. 2 Bottles of Gimsa £60
  7. 6 Bottles of Typhoid & syphilis reagents £50
  8. Heater (electric) £25
  9. Metallic Cupboard for Drugs (secure) £100
  10. 2 Filing Cabinets & wooden Cupboards £340

We are starting a scheme to sponsor an orphan throughout their early life at a monthly sum of £7 (0-3 years) rising to £50 monthly for a university student. This will provide clothes, healthcare, food, school equipment etc. and in return the orphan will write to you telling you of his or her progress in school. We can take out items/presents that you may wish to send to assist your child. We will provide you with the orphans name, photo and history and hopefully you can go out to the Village and visit your sponsored child during the Rwandan Holiday we aim to organise every year.

Christmas Giving

Stuck for a Christmas present for that difficult relative or friend, why not do something a little different; send a donation in their name to our charity to make life a little happier for an orphan in Musenyi. We will send you a thank you letter to send to them in their Christmas card. They have so little and we have so much.

You are donating to : A New Beginning Rwanda

How much would you like to donate?
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recurring payements could provide...
Child 0-3 Years - £10pm

To provide help to cloth, feed and pay for healthcare, including immunisation, during the childs early life.

Infant Child 4-6 Years - £18pm

To provide help to clothe, feed, pay for healthcare, immunisation, education, school uniform and equipment.

Junior Child 7-11 Years - £25pm

To provide help to clothe, feed, pay for healthcare, immunisation, education, school uniform and equipment.

Secondary/ 6th Form Student 12-18 years - £40pm

To provide clothes, food, healthcare, immunisation, education, school uniform, books and equipment.

University Student 19-21 years. - £60pm

To provide help to clothe, feed, pay for healthcare, education, books, equipment and accommodation.